10 Film Inspired Halloween Costumes That Will Get You Best Dressed At The Party

Are you gearing up for this Halloween season with a fresh new look before you hit the spooky scene? Whether you are heading to a Halloween ball, a friend’s annual party or the local bar, I’ve rounded up some of the classic Halloween costumes that will have everyone turning their heads. No matter where you are going this Halloween 2018, you won’t be disappointed with these choices!

1. Cher From Clueless

“As if! I’m totally buggin’!” The 90’s hit movie classic, Clueless, was a film we won’t soon forget. Everyone remembers the bright yellow plaid that she so confidently wore to school that day. Now you can play the part with this official Clueless ensemble, equipped with knee-high socks, pumps and matching marigold set.


2. Vivian From Pretty Woman

Another movie to remember was none other than Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s film, Pretty Woman. From the sunset strip to the Beverly Hills Hotel, this OOTD is sure to be a stunner for 2018 Halloween costumes.


3. Selena From Selena

From bustiers to one piece knockout pantsuits, Selena knew how to rock the stage in her one of a kind ensembles. This Halloween get up is ready for the club or stage.

This is one of the classic Halloween costumes to try!

4. Winifred Sanderson Sister From Hocus Pocus

“Boooooooooooook!” If there is one set of the most classic Halloween costumes, it is the Sanderson Sisters from the 90’s hit film, Hocus Pocus. Are you more of a Winifred, a Sarah or a Mary?

This is one of the classic Halloween costumes to try!

6. Sarah Sanderson Sister From Hocus Pocus

Sarah Sanderson, who was played by one of my favorites, SJP, is the funny, aloof and beautiful sister who just wants to date all the boys.

This is one of the classic Halloween costumes to try!

7. Mary Sanderson Sister From Hocus Pocus

Oh Mary. The one who had to fly on the vacuum when the brooms were taken. This sister is the one who is Winifred’s right hand girl.


8. Offred From Handmaid’s Tale

If you really are aiming to make a statement this Halloween, then opt for this Offred outfit from the much acclaimed, Handmaid’s Tale. Whether your angle is political, women’s rights or simply because you love this show’s character, it is definitely noteworthy.

This is one of the classic Halloween costumes to try!

9. Khaleesi From Game Of Thrones

Khaleesi or Mother Of Dragons is another Halloween costume representing strong women. With the ice-blonde hair and ethereal style, this look is sure to enchant.


10. Harley Quinn From Suicide Squad

Hollywood favorite, Margot Robbie, plays Harley Quinn or Daddy’s Lil’ Monster in Suicide Squad, making it the ultimate cool girl costume.


Are you going to opt for one of these classic Halloween costumes from hit films? Let us know in the comments section below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Featured Image Source: weheartit.com


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